The Strongest Earthquake Ever Recorded For The Region

  Kavik River Camp, Alaska— The most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the region hit Alaska’s North Slope on Sunday, said the state’s seismologist.   At 6.58 a.m. Sunday the magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit the area 42 miles ...Read More

National Park Service’s New Rule To be an Opposite of Most Alaskans Values

Apparently, at the Interior Department, people think that unsporting and unethical hunting practices, which includes killing hibernating black bear mothers and cubs in their dens; killing wolf or coyote mothers, pups or ...Read More

South-Central Alaska Weather During the Week of July 4th

It is almost a weekend, and Independence Day arrives on Wednesday. Southcentral Alaska is expected to have sunny skies and the year's warmest days so far, the National Weather Service says. Read More

Anchorage’s Community Composting Program is Available for Sign Up

Do you have fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, clippings of grass from mowing? Compost it this summer. All you need is a 5-gallon bucket.   A community compost pro...Read More

The Legislation Will Let 18 to 21-Year-Olds Drive Interstate

The Legislation Will Let 18 to 21-Year-Olds Drive Interstate A new bill aimed at allowing the interstate operation of commercial vehicles by 18 to 21-year-olds hits the floor of Congress this week, with support from the International Foodservice ...Read More

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