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Roll on/Roll off Service

Alaska Auto Transportation: High-quality service provider!

roll on/roll off service

Alaska Auto Transportation offers Roll on/Roll off service for our customers. On special ships, called Roll-on/Roll-off ships, we transport every kind of vehicle to and from Alaska. Wondering how to ship your vehicle safely? Alaska Auto Transportation guarantees the safety of your vehicle during the whole shipment. Our professional employees are ready to take a good care of any vehicle placed on the ship.

About Roll-on/ Roll-off Ships

Roll-on/Roll-off ships are vessels that carry wheeled cargo: cars, trailers, trucks, semi-trucks or railroad cars. Professional movers drive on and off the ship on their wheels or use platform vehicles, self-propelled module transporters, to get the vehicle on the vessel. In contrast, Lift on/Lift off vessels use a crane to load and unload cargo.

This type of ships has either built-in or shore-based ramps which allow the cargo to be efficiently rolled on and off the vessel. Roll on/Roll off ships are also called RORO ships. The term is reserved for large oceangoing vessels.

Types of Roll-on/Roll-off Ships

Here are the types of RORO ships:

1. Ferries
Ferries are merchant vessels which carry passengers and, sometimes, vehicles and cargo as well.
2. Cruiseferries
These are ships which combine the features of a cruise ship with a Ro-Pax ferry (roll on/roll off passenger).
3. Barges
Generally, the barges are for rivers and canals to transport heavy goods. Some barges are not self-propelled and should be towed.
4. Cargo ships
Freighter Ship or cargo ship is any sort of a ship which carries goods, cargo, and materials from one port to another. These ships usually have an equipment with cranes and other mechanisms to load/unload.
5. PCC (Pure car carrier) & PCTC (Pure car/truck carrier)
New automobiles that are transported by ships are often moved on a large type of RORO which we call pure car carriers (PCC) or pure car/truck carriers (PCTC).

Check out our video to see how we perform Roll on/Roll off service.

Alaska Auto Transportation uses the highest level of innovative features to get your vehicle to/from Alaska safe and sound. Our dedication is based on our flexibility, high-level capacity, and safety standards that we own. Don’t think twice when using Alaska Auto Transportation! Indeed, we are the company, you are looking for!

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