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Alaska Auto Transportation Services

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Alaska Auto Transportation is proud to introduce the highest level of quality services at affordable rates. We offer car shipping for both economical shipping and expedited vehicle shipping.

our services

A special racking system is provided for sports car owners which is designed to ship your vehicle with protecting it from the elements with no cross-docking. The economical shipping allows 100 pounds of personal belongings to be shipped in the vehicle between Alaska, AK, and Seattle, WA. * with no additional fees



Estimates for Auto Shipping Services

Economical sailingsdepart weekly with an estimated 10-14 days from sailing.
Expedited sailings depart twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday) with an estimated time of arrival of 6 days.



Service Rates

Most of the rates depend on the dimensions of the vehicle, however, our main rates are shown below:

Vehicle TypeSeattle to AnchorageAnchorage to SeattleExamples of Vehicle
Seda/Coupe$1495$1200Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic
Crossover$1695$1200Mazda CX5, Ford Edge
SUV/Light Duty Pickup$1995$1495Mercedes GL, GMC Acadia
Over-Size Vehicles$2695$1695Ford F650, Dually’s


Note*: All the rates above are just estimates which are based on vehicle category only. You must get in touch with Alaska auto Transportation to get the rate that is particularly for you.

Note**: The vehicle categories are based on the dimensions only.


Alaska Auto Transportation does auto shipping weekly either to or from Alaska. Check out our shipping schedule. It includes enclosed protection for each vehicle during the process. We use rack system to get your vehicle loaded in the container, by which, we protect your vehicle from outside elements and other hazards. For each vehicle, we provide an additional and special service! We allow up to 100 pounds of personal items to be shipped inside your vehicle which is free of any charge.

Providing all kind of high-quality services is not only our mission: it's the way Alaska Auto Transportation does business.

Alaska Auto Transportation offers high-quality Auto Shipping services. Call us at (907) 290-8899 or get a FREE quote online!

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