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Alaska Airlines Will Deny Passengers Who Don’t Wear Mask

You are currently viewing Alaska Airlines Will Deny Passengers Who Don’t Wear Mask
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Anchorage, AK – Alaska Airlines is one of many companies looking to make a positive impact on their environment. The company has been on the fence on weather they will restrict flyers to require masks before boarding.

Alaska has been reporting more and more cases from restaurants and bars across larger populated areas like Anchorage.

The state hosts a number of large-scale tourist attractions. Unfortunately, with the current COVID-19 pandemic severely hitting the US, many tourists have either opted to not visit the state or have no desire.

For those who decide that traveling during one of the worst pandemics in this centuries history, safety requirements need to be stepped up.

Tim Thompson, a spokesman for Alaska Airlines had this to say:

“Our flight attendants will approach guests who aren’t wearing a mask to learn more about their circumstances.”

“Overwhelmingly, those who fly with us understand and appreciate the importance of wearing masks. Our flight crews encounter moments when some travelers disregard or disobey our mask requirement. It creates tension and anxiety for many of our passengers who do have their face coverings on. So, change is needed.”

Alaska Airlines Makes Exceptions

“Children under age 2; anyone with a medical issue that creates trouble breathing; anyone who cannot remove a mask without assistance; or anyone with a disability that prevents wearing a mask.”

On top of Alaska Airlines, two other major airline companies have released statements regarding face protection when traveling.

“We realize a piece of fabric across your nose and mouth is probably not your ideal way to travel,” the blog post said. “But if we all take that small step while flying, we’ll be better off in the long run.”

The US is currently dealing with the worst card for COVID-19. This coincides with reopening as the concept of making people safer comes at the cost of civil liberties.

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