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Best Tires to get for Your Car in Different Weather Conditions

You are currently viewing Best Tires to get for Your Car in Different Weather Conditions
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The best tires to get for your car should not be just thought of when changing a flat. In fact, Consumer Reports does offer this advice: Don’t take them for granted.

Tires Have Many Differences

However, the differences among tires can affect braking in snow and rain. This can impact your car’s handling, noise, and even its fuel economy. This is according to the magazine. Then it tests and rates thousands of consumer products from cars to credit cards.

Make sure to shop around and pay attention to factors like warranty and mounting costs before you do make a purchase. Remember tires do range in price. In addition, Consumer Reports says: “Tires aren’t like shoes. Moreover, the bigger the size, the more you do pay.”

The magazine has, in fact, released its rankings of the best tires for 2021. This was after testing more than 40 tire models.

Michelin Defender T+H: Best All-Season Tire

Delivering good dry braking and handling performance is the Michelin Defender T+H. It is resistant to hydroplaning, and snow traction. This is according to Consumer Reports. Moreover, it is projected to tread life is 85,000 miles.

The price range is $118 to $211 per tire.

Michelin CrossClimate2: Best Performance All-Season Tire

The best performing all-season tire with its “uncompromising” grip is the Michelin CrossCimate2. This is what Consumer Reports says. Moreover, it is part of a group of all-weather tires. They use unique tread designs and enhanced rubber compounds to increase traction across many temperatures. In fact, it has a projected 85,000-mile tread life. This tire does not need to be swapped for winter/snow tires. That is unless you live in a very snowy area. There is one notable shortcoming is in rolling resistance. It is a test-based assessment of a tire’s impact on fuel economy.

The price range is $139 to $276 per tire.

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