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Buying a Car as a Gift

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There are some things that you need to know before you begin the process.
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You may have a loved one in your life who desperately needs a car. They may be a kid who is off to college or a spouse who spends more time at the mechanic than with you. Either way, buying a car for someone can be one of the most rewarding gifts you can give. You can be sure they’ll think of you every time they turn the key and start the engine. With vehicle shortages and global supply issues, some people just can’t afford a car right now. Buying a car as a gift for them could be something you can do for them. If you can present them with that opportunity, you surely be part of one of the biggest highlights of their year.

However, logistically speaking, buying a car as a gift can cause issues that jewelry or new electronics won’t. If purchasing a car as a gift is something that interests you, there are some things that you are going to need to know before you begin the process. Make sure this isn’t an impulse buy. They’re going to be with this car for a long time after purchase, so you need to make sure you’re doing everything just right.

Know What They Want

Knowing what they want may be the hardest part of giving any gift, regardless of what it is. When it comes to a car, there are so many more things to consider. The make and model are obvious things that come to mind, but what about features? Do they need all-wheel drive? Perhaps a hybrid could help with their long commute? Do they know how to drive a stick shift? Thinking too hard can lead to more questions than answers, but there are certain things you can do to help find those answers.

A few carefully constructed questions can help you be clear about what they want. You can ask them what car they would get for themselves if they had the option. Another friend or family member can also dig out intel for you to keep their curiosity from growing and finding out about the surprise before it’s ready. Whatever tactic you choose, it’s best to be sure. Cars are non-returnable, so you need to be sure before you buy.

You Cannot Return It

Speaking of non-returnable, it’s worth discussing in a little more detail. If, for whatever reason, the person does not accept the gift, you will have to keep it for yourself. This means that you will have to find a way to sell it or have two cars. This means that cars that you buy as gifts are best paid for outright in cash. If you lease or finance the car, that could mean significant auto payments every month that may not work financially in the long run. Used cars make amazing gifts, and if you can find one for cheap that you can pay for in cash, you might have a winner.

This brings up the topic of making sure that you can actually afford the gift you plan to give. There is no recourse that you can leverage to require the recipient to pay for the car you just got them. If you have a falling out, or if they just don’t accept the gift, there is nothing you can do to alleviate the financial burden.

Figure out Shipping for Your Surprise

So you figured it out. You know the car they want, you can easily pay for it, and you know your loved one will absolutely love the idea. You still want to keep it a surprise. The car in question may not be close or you can’t find a way to drive it to them yourself, so you’re going to need to ship the car. To keep the secret going for as long as possible, it might be best to opt for enclosed transport. It costs a few extra bucks, but the car will arrive cleaner than with open transport, and they won’t know what’s inside until the car is driven off the trailer.

Another feature to think about is door-to-door transport. You’re going to want the car dropped off at their home rather than have them pick it up at a shipping yard. Door-to-door transport offers delivery to and from any address you decide.

When Buying a Car as a Gift, Make sure the Dealer Knows it’s a Surprise

Dealers are notorious for following up on every lead. This means that as soon as you list your loved one anywhere on the sale, be it delivery address or title change, then they might get some exploratory calls. Additionally, if the loved one lives with you, you may need to be clear when they can call about finalizing any details for the purchase. Perhaps you make sure they only call your personal cell phone, or you can set up a Google phone number to keep the secret.

Additionally, most dealerships have some sort of gift package that can include large novelty bows, balloons, and more. You can really make the whole ordeal a fun event with the dealer’s help.

Order Well in Advance

Global supply bottlenecks and chip shortages mean that cars are taking longer than ever to be delivered. Now add the fact of a custom-order that you want delivered on a very specific date and you are running into a logistical nightmare. Don’t fret; the dealership and auto transport company will help with every step of the way, but giving enough notice is crucial.

Buying a Car as a Gift Can be Fun

If you do your research, plan ahead, and keep everyone in the loop, buying a car as a gift can be a lot of fun. It’s just best to plan ahead and not to overextend yourself. If everything goes according to plan, it can be a wonderful gift. There’s something magical about giving a gift like that. It’s a lasting feeling that lasts for thousands of miles and results in thousands of smiles.

If you need help finding a shipping company to deliver your amazing gift, give Alaska Auto Transportation a call. They offer enclosed transport and door-to-door shipping is right there in the quote. With over 16 years of experience they can help you with every step of the trip. 

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