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Love’s Truck Stops Add 3,000 More Spaces In 2021

You are currently viewing Love’s Truck Stops Add 3,000 More Spaces In 2021
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It was made known that Love’s Travel Stops will expand in a grand way for this year. Love’s has plans to not only open fifty truck stops throughout the country in 2021 but also to add 3,000 parking spaces for trucks therefore.

While locations are not specific as of yet, the company does plan to open truck stops under their Speedco branding as well.

This is very helpful news, as many truckers rely on this pertinent information to be able to fit their own trucks inside parking spaces deemed much too small for them otherwise. Also, it’s just great whenever a company you look up to is on your side.

Love’s loves their truck drivers!

38 new truck stop locations by Love’s have seen their doors open since the pandemic has started last year. 3,000 plus parking spaces for trucks had been given priority to those stops as a result.

Shane Wharton, the president of Love’s, had this to say: “In 2021, we’ll grow our travel stop network where our customers have asked us to, add new products and services and open new truck care centers to get professional truck drivers back on the road quickly and safely.” Certainly, this is a conscientious effort to do right for the essential women and men who drive in order to bring goods and supplies towards the American people.

At the time of writing, Love’s has their headquarters commandeering control over and beyond 540 different stores throughout 41 states.

This expansion on Love’s part can help truckers feel seen and secure without even having to complain. From here on out, it’s all about horizontal consolidation. If you reach into the corners of life truckers care about, you make a difference priceless for the billions. Essentially, that’s what any good company should do. To make a difference for the profits and the perspective of their clientele.

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