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car shipping quoteAlaska Auto Transportation provides an online car shipping quoting service for you. We think about the convenience of our customers when using our services. That’s why starting from the first steps (requesting a quote) our services are simple to use. (see all the required information below)

Once you visit our website, get familiar with our services and types of vehicles, it will make it easier for you to request an instant quote. Find the most suitable service type for you and there you go, you already can fill out a form on Alaska Auto Transportation website. Also, pay attention to our frequently asked questions. They can help you get the needed answers to the possible questions. Don’t know where to start? Well, give us a call at (907) 290-8899 and get your car shipping order right away.

After getting an instant quote, our representatives are looking through your request and contact you back. Indeed! Be ready to get amazed by our customer service quality and car shipping prices!

Required Information for Getting a FREE Quote

  • Pickup and Delivery Locations. You must tell us your pickup and delivery locations. From and to where is headed your vehicle.
  • Year/Make/Model of the Vehicle. It is a must when filling out our form. It will be easier for us to get a quote for you.
  • Transport Type. The type can have an impact on the price of your shipping. There are various types of services, each of them is priced differently.
  • The condition of the Vehicle. Running vehicle is easier to load while non-running ones usually take more time and effort.
  • Pickup Date. Another important information to help our agents get the closest date to your desired one.
  • Phone Number/Name/Email Address. It is a needed information for our supervisor. He/she will get back to you and will know your name.

Note: Alaska Auto Transportation doesn’t collect any personal information.

What are the main specialties of Alaska Auto Transportation? Let’s find out:

  • FREE Door-to-door shipping service available for individuals and companies.
  • Alaska Auto Transportation has the cheapest deals in the auto shipping market.
  • Shipping all kinds of vehicles including buses, trucks, boats, motorcycle or military vehicles.
  • Insured car shipping services at reasonable rates.
  • FREE Terminal-to-Terminal delivery.