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New Restrictions On Alaska Travel Are In Place For Commuters

You are currently viewing New Restrictions On Alaska Travel Are In Place For Commuters
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Restrictions are changing across the country as well as the world. With COVID-19 affecting every part of the globe, traveling is a disaster.

Throughout the pandemic, grounded airlines and limited travel have drastically affected the industry as a whole. Now that the state of Alaska is flattening the curve, many restrictions are being lifted. Among those being removed, new restrictions are being put in place for other areas.

For travelers looking to take their long-awaited journeys to the northern wilderness, Canada is imposing new limits to those looking to go in and out of the country.

A few steps are being taken in order to ensure safety. For visitors, when they arrive at the check point, they will be given a name tag which they can hang from their rear-view mirror. The tag will contain the date and time of their visitation as well as a pamphlet that gives visitors a list of details in regards to proper safety protocols.

Restrictions of travel are starting to loosen in some areas. In fewer populated areas like Alaska, the issues are low.

These Restrictions Mean Just Another Day For Residents

Paul Hersch, a commuter between Alaska and Canada spoke:

We’re doing whatever it takes to get this done and over with. In order for us to stay safe and to reopen with fewer restrictions we need to make sure we wear our masks and maintain personal hygiene.

Alaska is one of the lowest impacted areas in the country. Its isolation makes its one of the best places to continue the fight against COVID-19. For residents, they are looking forward to reopening soon.

Sheila Turner owns a beauty salon in Anchorage and hasn’t been able to operate until recently.

“I was so happy when things finally slowed down for reopening. There was a time when we thought ‘when is this going to be over?’ We just wanted to run our business without any issue.

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