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Shipping Your Car To Alaska

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With us, your vehicles are always in safe hands!
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You may hear auto shipping to Alaska and think, “well that is just impossible,” but it actually is not! If you or your company move to Alaska and you have vehicles to move with you, you are not at a loss, we are actually fully able to move just about anything to you in the state! With our industry leading shipping abilities, we guarantee that you will be left incredibly happy and satisfied after we ship your vehicle to Alaksa. Not only is our company one of the best car shipping companies, but we are also the safest! Our shipping services always put your vehicle first!

So, how can we ship your vehicle to Alaska?

Well, using our roll-on/roll-off auto transportation service or our container auto shipping service, we are able to get your vehicle across the ocean easily and effortlessly! No matter which method you pick, your vehicle will be properly secured for across the water shipping! For container shipping, your vehicle will be inside a shipping container. For roll-on/roll-off, your vehicle will be on the shipping boat as is.

What kinds of vehicles can we ship?

Any and all of them! Genuinely, you name it, and we can ship it for you! From sedans and SUVs to trucks and vans, we can ship it for you! We can even ship buses and other heavy hauling vehicles! Also, because our shipping operators are extremely careful and reliable, you can even comfortably ship luxury and classic vehicles with us!

How does the shipping work?

We can ship to many of Alaska’s ports. We have teams that we work with based in Anchorage, Juneau, Valdez, Nikiski, Kivalina, Homer, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor and Ketchikan (including Fairbanks). Based on the ultimate destination, we will bring your vehicle to one of these ports and then one of our shipping truck drivers will take over and finish the trip to you home/business. The shipping comes into the ports on average twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The best part is that shipping is not even super long! When your vehicle leaves from the Seattle port, it averages 3-7 day shipping from that point!

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