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SK Innovation Is Banned From the United States For 10 Years. Sorry Ford!

You are currently viewing SK Innovation Is Banned From the United States For 10 Years. Sorry Ford!
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Bad news for SK Innovation. Way back in 2019, there have been some sneaky operations. Specifically, beef that the US International Trade Commission could not ignore. SK Innovation, being a Korean battery supplier, has been noted to engage in allegations that go against their company values. Allegations that have reached the ears of the government. Which secrets? Wouldn’t you like to know! The USTIC has given official rulings that say they will be for a while, not allowed to work in the United States. Because apparently, LG Chem believes that SK Innovation has taken priceless trade secrets, regarding electric vehicle batteries.

SK Innovation is on a 10-year ban! Bad!

This is due to importing valuable EV battery components to the US, while unsanctioned to do so. What’s more, is that the USTIC knows of claims that SK Innovation had to destroy the evidence! LG Chem definitely doesn’t need to prove their point if that’s the type of work they make out of borrowed ideas. What’s a real bummer about all of this is the fact that SK Innovation isn’t totally screwed out of this. They can still make illegal activity occur out of nowhere from all the dangerous activities that have been spreading through the investigation. Worse claims ho! You just wonder if they’re going to be able to finish the things they need to. Such as an electric variant of the Ford F-150. Not to mention Volkswagen and their whole MEB-based car-architecture. “Carchitecture,” if I may.

Ford CEO and Supercar Enthusiast Jim Farley has made mention his hopes for the two companies to come to a voluntary settlement. This would be of course in the interest of “US manufacturers and workers.

Here’s hoping that they can learn from this mistake and either work hard or shift gears into a business that isn’t stealing whatever they see shine bright.

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