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Gravel Trucker Charged in Death of Woman

You are currently viewing Gravel Trucker Charged in Death of Woman
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PALMER, AK – Art Fox, 82, a trucker faces charges of criminal negligent homicide. For his role on the death of a young woman killed on the Glenn Highway last year.

Moreover, prosecutors say Fox, a 12 year trucker, was driving the gravel truck one morning last September. When he failed to check the empty side-bumper. After delivering a load at the Alaska Sand and Gravel pit. At least two rocks from his truck dislodged and hit cars nearby.

Although, Haily Belnap, the unfortunate victim’s car was struck by one large stone. Which smashed through the lower left corner of her windshield striking her head. According to Curtis Martin, the attorney representing Belnap, 25, and her family, claims that she lost control of the car, drove off the highway and hit an embankment. Ultimately striking the gravel pit’s conveyor belt. Despite multiple efforts to resuscitate her, Belnap later died in the hospital.

Furthermore, Fox was indicted last month for homicide and third-degree assault by the Palmer grand jury. He pleads not guilty. Though Belnap’s parents and their attorney strongly support on making sure Fox does not drive commercially anymore. Alaska State Troopers spoke with Fox at his home, he told them he had been driving for 12 years and did not know anything had happened until he got home that day after leaving the pit.

They stated if he got out of his truck and did a walk-around to make sure his trailer was empty, the outcome would have been very different.

John Wolfe, a Palmer Superior Court Judge, released Fox on his own recognizance and scheduled his hearing for October. Fox, who was seen entering the courtroom with a walker, spent most of the time with his head hung over it. A sign of regret and mourning realizing his trucking career may never be the same again.

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