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Volvo C40 Recharge is a 2022 Godsend: Widens the EV Family!

You are currently viewing Volvo C40 Recharge is a 2022 Godsend: Widens the EV Family!
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Volvo has long been a brand of integrity, value and purpose. There’s no limit to what they can do with their offerings. And that especially remains true, thanks to the C40 Recharge. It’s a Volvo original that mimics the very same specs and size requirements of the XC40 Recharge. The C40, however, has a lower roofline. Volvo is sure that they will provide an EPA-rated driving range of 210 miles.

The second electric vehicle is here and it appears so much like the original. The Volvo C40 Recharge pretty much is reshaped. It allows for crossover twins that aren’t too dissimilar from the BMW’s X1 and X2s. With the C40 in particular, it will only arrive as an XC40 which gives off gasoline engines.

The dimensions, believe it or not, are pretty much one and the same to the Xc40. The roofline in the back happens to slope into tapered liftback shape that is very much less in cargo volume than one would imagine for the squared-off XC40.

There is less volume to be had in the cargo volume that you would otherwise not expect from the electric SUV. It actually operates on a similar CMA platform while sharing the 402-horsepower two-motor electric drivetrain. The 75.0 kilowatt battery pack has a XC40 Recharge. Meanwhile, the very similar Polestar 2 has a powertrain like this as well.

Volvo believes that through this, the C40 will also provide a EPA rated-driving range of about 210 miles. Two miles more than the XC40 Recharge rating. In such, the zero-to-60 mph acceleration is not too far off from the XC40’s 4.7 seconds.

Volvo doesn’t see itself offering different configurations of the C40 Recharge, showing the likelihood that it will return at a singularly well-equipped trim level. Likely starting out at about $55,000. The company believes it will be able to utilize online sales models for such an EV, signifying that customers can order online for their own deliveries at the local Volvo dealerships.

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