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About Our Company

Alaska Auto Transportation has started its work in 2006 and in a little basement office. Our owner believed that the complex transportation problem can be solved when a right person does it. Our family-based company was successful ever after. The hard of our team gave a huge result. By the time, the business continued to develop and gain experienced employees. Nowadays, it is a company which the US nation trusts.


Our business philosophy was and is to carry out your vehicle transport process smoothly and hassle-free. Our educated and experienced staff works hard to give the best customer service in vehicle shipment in Anchorage. Moreover, we ship year-round and offer a variety of options throughout the year. Wondering how is it possible? Check out some of the Alaska Auto Transportation features.

Communications Between Customer and Company

Alaska Auto Transportation considers communications as the backbone of our business. Companies like us, car shippers, know about the importance of communications. Our team operates all over the nation, and the key to our success is to talk to various types of people who make bookings and order updates. We have a customer service staff which is one of the strongest assets of our business, and we don’t cut corners when it comes to serving our growing customer base–something that gets lost on many other companies. We are committed to supporting you with the best service and rates for your auto transportation.


When you trust your vehicle to an auto shipping company, you should be sure it is the perfect suit. Alaska Auto Transportation promises you that! We keep our clients over the years. Our company helped thousands of individuals and companies with their car shipping. Also, no stress you will know about the process. We are here to help you get the best car transport services with the best insurance coverage!

Shipping All Kinds of Vehicles

We can ship all types of vehicles. At Alaska Auto Transportation, we transport all kinds of vehicles: vans, boats, buses, trucks etc. Yes, yes! It means that if it has wheels we can ship it.