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President Joe Biden Signs Bill to Allow Cruise Ship Travel

You are currently viewing President Joe Biden Signs Bill to Allow Cruise Ship Travel
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President Joe Biden, this past week, signed a new bill allowing cruise ship travel which is perceiving as a huge victory. State leaders called the bill’s passage a big victory for the state’s tourism industry after it was crippling by the COVID-19 pandemic. Joe Biden is not exactly a hero for doing this because it’s a very small step forward.

President Joe Biden Allows Cruise Ships to Set Sail Again

Moreover, the ships will not come to Southcentral Alaska. In fact, they will stick to Juneau and other Southeast communities.

Having Travelers is Key

Along the state’s road system, tourism-dependent companies say they can notice a drop in business without those travelers.

Dramatic Surge in Bookings

Yet many of those similar companies have an optimistic approach in that they are seeing a strong surge in bookings by independent travelers arriving by air. These are unaffiliated with a cruise line. As well as its package tours.

The owner of Grizzly’s Gifts in downtown Anchorage, Bob Neumann, said sales will, in fact, drop on the days that cruise-ship visitors would have been in town.

Booking in droves at another businesses he owns, this is what he says of independent travelers. He owns Phillips Cruises and Tours. They have marine excursions in Seward and Whittier.

President Joe Biden: Record Year

Bookings rose 50% in May. This is comparing to 2019. It was a record year for the company, he said.

Newmann said May has blown us out of the water, and moreover, June does look like it will be another big month. He said people are really done with COVID-19.

Lack of Cruise-Ship Tourists

There is a strong sign with the bookings that independent travelers will boost business at Grizzly’s. In fact, other businesses in Southcentral this summer, he said. This, in fact, will help make up for the lack of cruise-ship tourists.

Travel With Restrictions and Safety Concerns Remain

Travel to many countries is too restricting also thus not safe enough to thereby boost interest in Alaska.

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