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Subaru WRX 2022 has Great New Features That will Take you Everywhere

You are currently viewing Subaru WRX 2022 has Great New Features That will Take you Everywhere
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Subaru WRX 2022 is a new car with a new platform, engine, and sheet metal. However, appearances are deceiving especially at first glance. Moreover, the broad strokes and even many of these specs stay close to WRX’s formula. The consumer may be forgiven for thinking this is just an evolution of the prior carmaker’s vehicle versus a total overhaul.

Subaru WRX Racing Heritage

The styling does lean into the rally side of the Subaru WRX’s racing heritage with thick black cladding around the wheel arches. It also includes lower sills to combat kicked-up gravel and mud. Plus, the headlamps are smaller and pushed out toward the corners. The grille does grow to fill the space. Also, at the rear, the new Subaru taillight shapes remind one of the new BRZ. It has a distinctive, volcanic-magma three-dimensional sparkle.

Trademark Widebody

For this generation, the WRX trademark widebody is growing an inch wider. It is also now a full 2 inches wider than its contemporary Impreza. However, this is the first year that the Subaru WRX shares no body panels with the Impreza. Also, from bumper to bumper the exterior design is distinctive to the performance variant. Moreover, the new WRX is also 3 inches longer than last year. It has a wheelbase that’s growing by an inch.

The new look from the carmaker’s new vehicle is causing divisions among consumers. In fact, many have complained about the Subaru Crosstrek-esque cladding.

Most Subaru WRXs aren’t so much designed as they are engineered. Thus, given the choice between function and form, Subaru has been perceived to be more than happy to deliver an ugly fast car. In fact, all WRX aerodynamics and vents are functional, from the classic hood scoop to the new wheel arch vents, from the functional kick-up spoiler to the undertray that generates downforce.

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