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What’s Changed in the Trucking Industry?

What’s Changed in the Trucking Industry?

Trucking has a long history. Therefore, it has gone through more than a few changes over the years. Furthermore, there are all kinds of stereotypes and misconceptions about this line of work. Whether you’re looking into becoming a truck driver, or you’re already well-established in this line of work, you may want to know about these changes. Are you curious? We’ve rounded up some important information about the changes in the trucking industry. Keep on reading to learn more!

Improvements in Technology

It shouldn’t be surprising that technology is a big reason for changes in the trucking industry. Tech has come a long way over the past few decades. Therefore, it makes sense that tech has changed the way trucking happens. For instance, GPS systems have replaced maps. Moreover, this makes it easier to make adjustments to shipping schedules on the fly. Also, cell phones have improved communication between drivers and dispatchers. Furthermore, electronic record-keeping logs are faster and more reliable than handwritten ones.

Safety Regulations

Safety has also greatly improved in trucking. This is related to how driving tends to be safer for everyone on the road, not just truckers. For instance, more regulations about truck maintenance are strictly enforced. These regulations lead to less issues on the road. Also, advancements in technology have improved trucker safety. For more information on this check out the previous paragraph. Alternatively, you can learn more about FMCSA’s guidelines for trucker safety here.

Have you noticed any other changes in trucking? Let us know by sharing them in the comments below this post!

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