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Port of Seattle

Seattle is the mainland port for Alaska Auto Transportation!


Seattle is the chief city of the state of Washington, the U.S. It is the seat of King County, the largest metropolis of the Pacific Northwest, and one of the largest and most affluent urban centers in the United States. The city is the major port of entry and an air and sea gateway to Asia and Alaska. It lies alongside Puget Sound, a deep inland arm of the northern Pacific Ocean, and is at the center a conurbation that is defined roughly by Everett to the north, Bellevue to the east, and Tacoma to the south.


Why Seattle?


Seattle has always considered being one of the biggest harbors for the US. It serves as an international gateway to the Pacific Northwest.


Alaska Auto Transportation

As a leading company, Alaska Auto Transportation offers all the needed equipment for performing oversea auto shipping. In our long experience, we’ve always been dedicated to the job we do and to our customers that ship their vehicles with us.  Shipping vehicles year-round, we offer a variety of options throughout the year. Alaska Auto Transportation is a unique car shipper with all the feature that it has. You can check out some of them:


  • Reliable and affordable on every step
  • Enclosed containers for each kind of vehicle
  • Top-rated customer service
  • Real-time Shipment Tracking by phone


What terminals does Alaska Auto Transportation ship to/from?


Here are the terminals that your vehicle is being shipped to/from:

Seattle (mainland terminal)









Dutch Harbor




If you are wondering how your vehicle is going to be placed on a vessel, check out our Roll on/Roll off service.



Providing all kind of high-quality services is not only our mission: it's the way Alaska Auto Transportation does business.

Alaska Auto Transportation offers high-quality Auto Shipping services. Call us at (907) 290-8899 or get a FREE quote online!

Oversea Auto Transport Services to and from Alaska!

Top-Rated Oversea Auto Shipping
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