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Alaska, Look Out! Five Major Independence Day Festivities Happenings

You are currently viewing Alaska, Look Out! Five Major Independence Day Festivities Happenings
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Alaska residents are ready to celebrate the birth of our great country. They are proud of our nation and they show their patriotism with displays of the flag and celebrate with colorful fireworks. We will proudly be displaying the red, white, and blue this weekend as we honor the forefathers of our country and all the sacrifices they made releasing us for the oppression of Great Britain. In fact, some may actually it “treason day.” But, in fact, our country coming into its own was the greatest thing that ever happened to Planet Earth. The United States of America has been the symbol of freedom to people all over the world for over 200 years.

This weekend, while you are enjoying your BBQ and cold beverages, take a moment to reflect on the meaning of freedom and the importance of keeping our Constitution intact. However, the rights we enjoy in this great nation of ours were hard-fought and won. They must be maintained. In fact, we all need to do our civil duty throughout the year to ensure our rights are not trampled on and freedom can continue on for our children and their children’s children. Therefore, there are lots of festivities planned to honor this happy occasion. All Alaskans enjoy yourselves while you show pride in our remarkable land and in the concept of the pursuit of democracy.

Sailing On Sunshine

Where: Marine Park Shelter

When: July 3rd, 3 pm

Event: Juneau Community Marching Band

Additional Information: Marches, Show Tunes, Light Classical Music

Alaska: Douglas Soapbox Car Show

Where: St. Ann’s Avenue

When: Saturday, July 3rd, 5pm

Event: Soapbox Racing

Additional Information: For Ages 5 – 10

Gastineau Channel

Where: Gastineau Channel

When: Midnight before July 4th

Event: Ongoing Patriotic Music and Live Firework Coverage

Additional Information: On Channel KINY

Alaska: Douglas Parade And Festival

Where: Gastineau Community School, Sayéik

When: Noon to 6 pm

Event: Parade

Additional Information: shuttles between noon and 6pm

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