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Alaskans Can’t Find Electric or Hybrid Cars

You are currently viewing Alaskans Can’t Find Electric or Hybrid Cars
those vehicles are almost impossible to find in the Frontier State.
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Alaska is where the majority of oil is found in America, but they also find themselves well above the national average when they go to buy at the pump. Most of the oil drilled in Alaska goes overseas, and the oil that remains stateside goes to the rest of the country. This makes the shipping process twice as long for Alaskans. It needs to be shipped out and returned before the average person can buy it. More Alaskans are looking to buy electric or hybrid vehicles now that gas prices are well over $4 a gallon, but those vehicles are almost impossible to find in the Frontier State.

Aren’t Electric Vehicles the Future of Alaska?

Alaska plans to build a string of charging stations from Anchorage to Fairbanks. These charging stations will make owning an electric vehicle more practical for Alaskans who need to drive more than just their neighborhood. But those are just plans. Right now, there are only 64 public charging stations in the entire state, with only 6 of those being DC fast charging stations. There just isn’t the infrastructure to make electric vehicle ownership feasible.

Are there at least Hybrid Cars?

Car manufacturers are not helping Alaskans. With the chip shortage and an increasingly longer wait in supply chains, car manufacturers are pivoting. They don’t want to make smaller, more affordable cars that can save on gas. They just don’t have the profit margin as the larger SUVs. And this profit margin is crucial right now. Many automotive factories in Ukraine are shutting down, which is creating even less supply for vehicles, while demand is going up.

New and used hybrid cars are at a record high right now. They are almost impossible to find, and when they’re on sale, the price of a used hybrid is almost the same as a new car. This is discouraging buyers from buying the cars they want.

What can we do to get Hybrid and Electric Vehicles?

The cars are out there, but they may be more expensive than they were last year. Experts estimate that the shortage will continue until the end of 2023. This also depends on how long the Russian conflict will continue. In the meantime, if Alaskans are looking to buy a new hybrid or eclectic car, they may have to look outside of Alaska. In states where the markets are bigger, car companies ship more vehicles there, and more people will privately sell their cars. It may be cheaper to buy a car from one of these states and have it shipped to you.

If you do go this route, you will need to find a trusted, licensed, and bonded company to help with the shipping. Alaska Auto Transportation is an excellent option. They have been serving the community for over 15 years and can ship to or from any state in America, including Alaska and Hawaii.

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