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Best Ways to Make Driving in Spring Easier

You are currently viewing Best Ways to Make Driving in Spring Easier
Potholes are always plentiful in spring.
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Are you getting ready to hit the road this spring? Whether you have a full road trip planned or you simply drive to and from work, you will have some adjustments to make while on the road this season. Get started on the driving changes by following our quick and easy guide on how to drive safely this season!

First, thoroughly inspect your tires.

Tires are something you always need to pay attention to, but especially in spring. Winter is usually the season in which tires erode the most, due to weather and the road conditions. Colder, rainier, and even snowier weather causes issues when it comes to tires. Because of this, it is important to make sure there is still sufficient tread on your tires! Also, cold weather affects tire pressure, so you want to make sure the pressure is where it is supposed to be for your tire’s best health!

Second, be aware of potholes.

Part of why you want to be sure your tires are in good condition in the spring is because there are potholes a plenty that show up. Winter always forms and/or worsens potholes, which makes driving a bit scarier in the spring. In case you are not able to go around or avoid the pothole in any way, it is important that your tires are strong enough to take the impact.

Third, look out for pedestrians, bicyclists, and animals.

Spring means the return of sunshine and nice weather which means more people are out and about than they were for winter. This increased activity means more people are likely to cause roadblocks in some way. When driving on the street, be sure to look out around sidewalks and crosswalks and be aware of when there is vs is not a bicycle lane. Also, animals start to become active again, so be aware of the possibility of animals crossing the road.

Fourth, prepare for sun glare.

Sun glare can be extremely blinding throughout the day. It is strongest during sunrise and sunset, but that does not mean it is not there throughout the rest of the day. It is best to keep a pair of sunglasses either with you, or simply in the car all the time this season.

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