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Schools are Likely to Shut Down if COVID Continues to Rise

You are currently viewing Schools are Likely to Shut Down if COVID Continues to Rise
Schools are Likely to Close if COVID Continues to Leave Decimate the Staff
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Schools in the extreme Northwestern state announced Tuesday they may have to temporarily close in the coming weeks if COVID-19 cases, travel delays, and weather emergencies do leave buildings too understaffed.

Schools – Teach Absences

It had, already, been close to one school this week for four days. In, the Anchorage School District Superintendent Deena Bishop did say between the staff then got stuck in the Lower 48 is after the holidays. There were weather emergencies in a local region. Also because of the Omicron Variant. Then the district does need to prepare for teacher absences.

“Also understand Omicron and then what could, in fact, happen as we do move into the future. Then we need to be ready that there might be a time where we don’t have enough people,” Bishop said yesterday.

Isolation for 10 Days

Also, teachers and the staff who do test positive for COVID-19 must isolate for 10 days.

“There are some schools that will temporarily close. Then I am sure that will happen,” Bishop said. “Also, it might be one or two days attached to a weekend. Then help the staff get healthy and back after the isolation period. It is thus requiring for the positive tests.”

Staffing challenges Bishop said in a message to families yesterday afternoon. Then, she did say any missed days of school would be made up throughout the semester. Therefore, makeup days that did include teacher workdays which are scheduling for February 18th and March 4th. Also, including Martin Luther King Jr. and the Presidents Day holidays. Then including Spring break, scheduled for March 7th to 11th, would also be an option.

Vacation Days

“Also, there are vacation days are the ones we do want to stay away from the most,” Bishop said. “Also, I hope that the parents do understand that school is important. Moreover, kids have missed too much. Then they have high-quality instruction and a school day is important.”

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