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New Real IDs for Alaska Residents!

January 11, 2019

Alaska Real ID

Although residents and state lawmakers didn’t want it, the federal Real ID program has arrived.  The people objected, and have been pushing against the program, but as of 2020, the state will require all residents to obtain a new license.

State lawmakers in particular were opposed to Congress’ Real ID Act of 2005. With over more than a decade of opposition, the Alaska Department of Motor vehicles must now follow federal guidelines approved by Congress. According to the DMV and the Department of Homeland Security, Citizens will have until October 1, 2020 to update their IDs.  After this date, those who have the previous license will not be allowed to enter a federal building, military base or board an airplane.

The proper documentation is important when trying to obtain the new license. Although Alaskans must visit the DMV and bring extra documentation to get the new license, it should be a viable option for a passport.

The new IDs are very distinct to avoid forgery. The images displayed include a green and blue holographic silhouette of Denali National Park, fireweed and a moose. Also, there is a black roundel star that signifies that the license meets federal standards.

Unfortunately, it isn’t clear how the new ID program will be set into motion in communities without a DMV office.

For those who don’t want a federal ID, and don’t need to utilize a commercial airliner or enter a federal facility, can still obtain a commercial license.

The government claims that the extra ID measures are to increase security within forms of ID, for people’s safety.

Here’s a checklist of what you need to get for the ID.

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