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Alaska’s Most Unusual Holiday Traditions

You are currently viewing Alaska’s Most Unusual Holiday Traditions
This has has two Christmas trees, one inside and one outside.
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Alaska is quite a unique state in the United States. The state does not touch the continental United States at all, rather it is attached to Canada. Additionally, the state has gone back and forth between many different country’s ownership before landing in the United States’ grasp. However, the state’s location gives it a climate different than most others in the country, being covered in snow most of the year. This means that Christmas time is quite the celebration, as the state is a winter wonderland entirely. Because of this, many Alaskans are forced to turn to some wacky or unusual practices in order to maintain holiday traditions. They also have countless fun wintertime activities for all!

Did you know that most Alaskans hang their Christmas lights as early as September in anticipation of the freezing cold weather in December?

Alaskan Christmas Trees

Alaska is covered in incredible spruce, fir, and pine trees, giving people lots of options for their trees. It is commonplace for a lot of residents of the state to actually chop down a tree themselves, use the top six or so feet for their tree, and then chop up the remaining bits to be firewood. Also, because of the number of trees, most people tend to have tress on their property. They will usually string lights around these exterior trees too, meaning most Alaskans have an indoor and outdoor Christmas tree.

Visit the North Pole

Alaska actually has its very own town called North Pole. Many trek to the quaint little town in the winter months to visit “Santa Claus’ hometown.” The town even has a Santa Claus house, complete with the jolly old man’s reindeer! The town is full of the Christmas spirit and invites lots of guests from around the state and the world!

Ice Skate and Play Hockey Anywhere

Because of the climate of the state, people can turn to activities like ice skating or playing hockey just about anywhere! It is rare to meet an Alaskan who does not know how to ice skate. Some even keep a set of skates in their car so that they can hit the ice at any time, because the entire state becomes essentially on big rink in the winter months!

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