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Assembly Work Session Revisits April Election Complaints

You are currently viewing Assembly Work Session Revisits April Election Complaints
The Anchorage Assembly makes sense out of nonsense.
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Assembly members from Anchorage are way too eager these days. In specific regards to what seems to be a challenging puzzle: how does anyone make sense out of the April results of the most recent election?

Back then, a sequential string of happenings had informed then-cabinet-member for Mayor Dave Bronson towards discovering an internal policy, made to rebuke the election results of April.

Last Friday, a presentation had been made to show documents that would detail an exact and specifically coordinated plan between the past Chief of Staff, Sami Graham and the municipal employees themselves totally trying to pull a fast one.

Politics Is Tricky!

With regards to the complete documentation, Graham had been filling out complaints, well-detailed to regard how April 6th saw many election staff members use USBs to ship election data from voting machines over to locally owned computers.

However, there had been reason for alarm, unbeknownst to most, as the USB drives could have potentially altered the election results, just by being inserted into the machines.

April 11th, saw Mark Merchant coordinate with the info and tech director, Marc Dahl on his thoughts of creating a new Information Technology Department policy that would state how personnel couldn’t use unauthorized USBs into any equipment without the explicitly authorization from the information tech dept.

But why does this matter?

What’s going on in the Anchorage assembly of Alaska? Matters a great deal, because guess who went ahead and screwed it up for all voting systems in the human history of the United States moving forward ever? Donald J Trump! If it wasn’t for him and his cronies, tampering, and claiming that the Democratic Party tampered with the electronic voting systems, many states, including that of Alaska, would not be in this terrible predicament of having to make sure everything’s once twice and triple check for accuracy. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I hate with Donald Trump has done to this country, especially to voting!

If it were up to me, I would say the best thing that we can do as a People, is to make sure that voting is equal throughout all the United States!

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