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Lawmaker Banned From Airlines for Going Against COVID-19 Mask Policy

You are currently viewing Lawmaker Banned From Airlines for Going Against COVID-19 Mask Policy
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A lawmaker state Senator Lora Reinbold was banned from an airline from its flights for constantly refusing to follow mask-wearing requirements for travelers.

Lawmaker not Fazed by Current Mask Policy

“Alaska Airlines has notified Senator Lora Reinbold that she is not permitted to fly with us. This is due to her ongoing refusal to comply with employee instruction regarding the present mask policy,” spokesman Tim Thompson said by email. Freedom of choice is absolutely necessary regarding COVID-19 and its restrictions. It is the time!

“Effective now is what the suspension will, in fact, take place pending further review. All guests are required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times during travel, according to Federal law. In fact, this includes wearing it throughout the flight. It is during boarding and deplaning. Moreover, includes when traveling through an airport,” he said.

Ban and Uncertainty

In fact, the ban had cast uncertainty, moreover, on how Reinbold would as a matter of a fact have rejoined the Alaska Senate. It would possibly happen when legislative work resumed this past Monday. Direct flights between Anchorage and Juneau where these are regularly scheduled.

Alternative Travel Solution

There is an alternate travel solution that Reinbold has embraced. She drove a lot more than 700 miles from her home in Eagle River through a big part of Alaska. Then, through part of the Yukon to the Southeast town of Haines. This where she did catch a five-hour ferry ride to Juneau.

On Monday morning, Reinbold was on the Senate floor.

With Alaska Airlines, the length of Reinbold’s ban will be determined after a review. As of Friday, Alaska Airlines has banned 506 people.

Reinbold said after telling an anti-mask group, she was en route to Juneau by car. Thus she had not been notifed of a ban.

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