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Quarantine Act in Canada: Travelling to Alaska from the USA

You are currently viewing Quarantine Act in Canada: Travelling to Alaska from the USA
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The Quarantine Act in Canada forbids non-Canadian-residents from entering the border. If you happen to be traveling to Alaska from the US, there is a loophole.

But there’s a catch: you cannot site-see. This includes any tourist stops, national parks, and leisure sites.

Americans, without any symptoms of Covid-19, can travel via the Lower 48 to get to Alaska. The rules permit drivers “a reasonable period” to get to Alaska. Another rule is that drivers “must limit [their] travel within Canada to the most direct route.” This is on top of avoiding any of those stops.

Why the Quarantine Act, Canada?

Because less than 10,000 people have died in Canada alone from the coronavirus, they are avoiding non-essential travels. In March, the Quarantine Act was put into play. This was to prevent the spread of the virus.

Commercial vehicles as well as other essential vehicles can cross.

This is a safe protocol for its residents. However, the restrictions seem a little harsh.

What happens if you break the rules?

Although the mountains are beyond beautiful, you will receive a fine.

Or you may have handcuffs on your wrists, like John Pennington.

Pennington was traveling from Kentucky and was fined C$750,000. His car was at Sulphur Mountain in the park.

Additionally, he was put in jail for 6 months.

You may be thinking, this is crazy! Another thing to factor in is that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police gave him a warning prior.

Ten other Americans were given tickets. One couple was fined C$2000 for not self-quarantining after crossing the Canadian border.

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