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Doctors Sound Alarm about ‘Imminent’ Hospital System Collapse

You are currently viewing Doctors Sound Alarm about ‘Imminent’ Hospital System Collapse
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Doctors are sounding grim warnings about a Western city in Western State hospital being at capacity this past Friday. In fact, the doctors who work at the main hospitals are describing tragic, heartbreaking scenes from the week of teary-eyed goodbyes to unvaccinated loved ones. Really? Why do the unvaccinating have to be continuously blaming for this “pandemic.” Moreover, the nurses are quitting their jobs due to burnout. This as well as the infants have been hospitalizing for severe cases of COVID-19. I thought they would be dancing in the hallways? The cases “seem” to be exaggerating… Maybe the deaths are not from COVID-19 but others illnesses no longer reported.

Doctors: The Sky is Falling Scenario at Hospitals is Happening

“It seems we are on the precipe of a hospital system collapse,” said Dr. Andrea Caballero. She is an infectious disease doctor who also works at Providence Hospital in Alaska.

“Thus it does happen when you have the exact number of patients and acuity, plus staff burnout, it does, in fact, lead to staff shortages and supply shortages. Moreover, this is a very, very present reality,” she said.

Doctors said that after almost two years of the pandemic, the hospital staff is dejecting from working very long hours and treating what they calling preventable COVID-19 cases in unvaccinated patients. In fact, the doctors have said they have seen an escalating number of nurses and other health care workers moreover quit their jobs. Then, the increasing contact with the community also means that those workers are being more exposed to COVID. As a result, it forces them to take days off. 

Because of the nursing shortage, there are very fewer nurses to help patients in the ICU.

“In fact, the nursing ratio is usually 2-to-1. That is two patients for one nurse. However, but we are regularly pushing it to 3-to-1. This is a treacherous intervention that is used only in times of desperation,” said Dr. Javid Kamali. He is an intensivist who works at Providence.

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