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Fisker Shows Off Off-Road Ocean Electric Vehicle

You are currently viewing Fisker Shows Off Off-Road Ocean Electric Vehicle
Fisker is coming out with the new off-road SUV to end all off-road SUVs.
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Do you ever just wait forever for an electric vehicle to revolutionize your life? So does Fisker. Famously, the company has had their fair share of fission. From being founded in 2007 to splitting off into two companies between 2014 to 2016. The one not owned by Henrik Fisker is known now as Karma Automotive.

So needless to say, it’s been a ride. Which is why for them to show off the successor to the original Fisker Ocean with the New Fisker Ocean Crossover EV SUV is truly a magnificent thing to occur.

Fisker is hoping to make a difference with their Ocean electric SUV with the hopes that the off-road package can get you sent around the wilderness safely. The electric vehicle is in particular bringing on major “world-saving” vibes.

Within the update, Fisker has been reporting a production target that sees a shift. Originally, there were plans to manufacture about 50,000 units with contract assembly partner Magna. All while 32,000 to 36,000 vehicles had been created in the production target area.

Fisker states the process of gaining approvals from regulatory agencies has been lasting much longer than originally anticipated. This is also in regards to the production ramp and the supply chain. There are hopes in the current day that Fisker will be able to make U.S. deliveries in June, with U.S. EPA testing being wrapped for the Ocean Extreme and EPA and CARB approvals due in May.

From the little that has already been released, there’s a lot to observe about Fisker.

Revised front bumper tow hooks are surrounded by plastic cladding and auxiliary lights. Meanwhile, the rear has a tow hook of it’s own and a reinforced skid plate. Additionally, there’s a full-length underbody titanium plate that shields the battery. All in all, you can even spot a roof rack that protects you entirely from the pressures of gravity. All the positivity you can have when working with the Force E. Optionally, there are interior packages that come with rubber floors, tie downs and extra grab handles.

The cars have strong rubber that wraps around the 20-inch three-spoke wheels with an industrial design. Fisker has dampers that can make about 550 horsepower, with top-spec dual-motor all-wheel-drive.

So for Fisker to go ahead and initiate these changes is a very positive change for the world of electric vehicles. It makes a difference to let the community of carbuyers approach the highways smarter.

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