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Indoor Service Again at Restaurants and Bars in a City With Limitations

You are currently viewing Indoor Service Again at Restaurants and Bars in a City With Limitations
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Indoor service will be available again at restaurants, bars and theaters. Anchorage, Alaska is said to be relaxing Corona Virus restrictions.

Indoor Service with Limitations

This month, Anchorage, Alaska had ordered the above-mentioned businesses to stop serving people indoor. This is due to a spike in virus cases in November. Now, they can reopen with limitations. Acting Austin Quinn-Davidson said last Tuesday.

The new order by Quinn-Davidson included modified regulations for the hospitality industry. There are relaxing capacity restrictions at retail stores and gyms. The Anchorage Daily News reported. It took effect this past Friday.

Restrictions and the Public Sacrifices have Helped Reduce COVID-19 Cases

A drop in Anchorage, Alaska’s COVID-19 cases is due to the December restrictions put in place as well as people’s “personal sacrifices.”

Cases being brought down has freed up space at our hospitals, she said. As a result, the city finds itself in a bit of a better position. Therefore, the decisions we make in Anchorage have a ripple effect across the entire state.

Drawing oppposition from businesses, the improvement did allow her to loosen the restrictions. Though businesses described them as heavy-handed. In fact, some of the stores said they would close without financial help.

Businesses have said the acting mayor’s new order is unsustainable. Though some of the businesses got more excited about more services getting to reopen.

The Compromise Should be a Temporary Measure

Businesses will continue to, unfortunately, suffer insurmountable losses if the compromise isn’t short term. Sarah Oates, president and CEO of the Alaska Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant & Retailers Association, said in a statement.

Under the new order includes the following: Bars, restaurants, and breweries can reopen at 25% of their capacity. But, they have to stop serving alcohol at 11 p.m. Some entertainment venues which include bingo halls, theaters, and private clubs can reopen at 25% capacity. The retail stores, gyms, fitness centers, and group exercise classes can hold up to 50% of their capacity. It is up from 25% under the older restrictions. In addition, personal care businesses, such as salons, can increase their capacity to 50%. Yet they will still be barred from providing services that require masks to be removed which feature facials.

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