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Job Growth Forecast Shows Recovery from Pandemic

You are currently viewing Job Growth Forecast Shows Recovery from Pandemic
New Job Growth Forecast Shows Uptick Forward
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Job growth in a new annual forecast from the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation projects in Alaska has continued. This would pertain to other positive indicators as Anchorage does work to recover economically from the major impact which was left by the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Job Growth – Anchorage Economy

The corporation’s annual luncheon is covering by the projected trajectory of the Anchorage economy. It is based on a review of the past and current data. Plus interviews with representatives of businesses and organizations. There is an analysis of current events. Also, it was the first in-person meeting of the group was holding in more than two years. These were concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic ease up. There more than 1,100 people did attend. It was according to a spokesperson at the event.

Anchorage Economic Development Corporation

There are several topics that are involving in what happened in 2021. It was by the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. The Municipality of Anchorage does want to go in 2022. Also, for 2021, the city did show job growth of 1.7% by adding 2,500 jobs. It is according to the report with another 2,400 forecasted for the upcoming year.

Bill Popp, president of the corporation, is a good first step in recovering from the COVID-19 recession.

“Moreover, this is an important issue for us,” Popp said. “In fact, because it could become a massive barrier to the growth of our economy in the fact of the great opportunity.”

Also, adding to the job prospects was the keynote speaker Richard Smith. He is the president of FedEx. Also, Smith did make a big announcement that a new $200 million which is sorting facility that is coming to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport will be exclusive to Alaska. Therefore, the new facility is going to create expansion in the new and existing building. It will include ramp improvements, and more flights coming to and from Anchorage.

Popp, in fact, does say this will add important economic activity as a result.

Also, the forecast shows the leisure and hospital industry. It will be hit hard by the pandemic and then is expecting to add 800 jobs in 2022. However, there is the continuing problem of also a declining Anchorage population which is a theme that came up in multiple topics.

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