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RORO Car Shipping Explained

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Shipping a car RORO is a great way to save time and money!
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When you need to transport a car to or from Alaska, you have two main options: container shipping and RORO. In a previous blog post, we discussed everything you need to know about container shipping, including its pros and cons. Now, it’s time to dig into the other method and see why so many people choose RORO for their auto transport.

What Is RORO Shipping?

The term “RORO,” which is widely used throughout the transport world, stands for roll-on/roll-off. It refers to the practice of driving cars onto and off of ships. With this style of shipping, your car will sit on the deck of a ship as it sails towards your destination. Therefore, many think of RORO as the ocean transport equivalent of overland open car shipping.

Why Is RORO So Popular?

RORO is popular for many of the same reasons that open transport is popular. Firstly, it’s cheaper than container shipping. That’s because it’s much easier for a shipping company to load and unload your car if all they have to do is drive it on and off. With containers, they have to make use of cranes and specialized operators, which takes more time and expertise. RORO is also much faster than container service, as there’s just less labor involved in getting your car onto and off of its ship. When RORO service is available (which depends on what port you use), it’s by far the fastest option for getting your car across the sea.

Should I Choose RORO for My Car?

RORO is a great car shipping service, but it isn’t perfect for every situation. If you want to save time and money on your shipment, then RORO is perfect for your vehicle. And if you need to ship a large vehicle that may not fit in a standard shipping container, then RORO may be your only realistic option. However, RORO has one major drawback: it leaves your car open to the elements. When your car needs to cross a large open sea, the air can erode its paint job and the spray can leave water spots all over. This isn’t necessarily a problem for most car owners, but for those with exotic cars, this can be a dealbreaker. Therefore, if your car is exotic or particularly expensive, you should probably go for container shipping instead.

Overall, though, RORO is a great transport method that works for almost all vehicles. If you want to ship a car to or from Alaska, we’d be happy to arrange a RORO shipment for you and your car. Call us today to ship your car with the pros!

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