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The Last Frontier Salmon Harvest for 2021 is Expected to be a Big One

You are currently viewing The Last Frontier Salmon Harvest for 2021 is Expected to be a Big One
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The Last Frontier salmon harvest for 2021 is projecting to be huge. This is because it will be 61% higher than last year of the total catches. It is mostly to the expected increase of salmon pinks.

The Last Frontier Statewide Catches are in the Hundred Millions

Moreover, there is a prediction by fishery managers that the statewide catch will top 190 million fish. This is in comparison to 118.3 million in 2020.

Moreover, the breakdown by species will include 46.6 million sockeye salmon (a 203,000 increase).

The breakdown by species by catch includes 46.6 million sockeye salmon (a 203,000 increase), 3.8 million cohos (1.4 million higher), 15.3 million chums (6.7 million more). In addition, 296,000 Chinook (up by 4,000), and 124.2 million pink salmon (a 63.5 million increase).

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game does provide breakdowns for all species by the region. It’s available in a report: Run Forecasts and Harvest Projections for 2021 Alaska Salmon Fisheries and Review of the 2020 Season.

The Last Frontier Sockeye Salmon

Bristol Bay is supposing to rule the day again with sockeye. In addition, to a projected 49% increase in pink salmon catch. The sockeye runs to the region’s nine river systems expected to exceed 51 million fish. There was a harvest of 36.35 million reds. But there is 13% higher than the 10-year average.

Salmon Harvest

The Southeast Alaska pink salmon harvest of 28 million is predicting to be in the average range. This is one highlight. The other highlight is the total all-species take for the region is projecting at 40.2 million fish.

The sockeye catch is projecting at a merger 844,000 fish and 13,000 Chinook salmon at the Cooper River.

Moreover, the total salmon harvest is harvest calls for 59.7 million fish. Then, nearly 55 million of them are pinks.

To over 2 million this Summer, Upper Cook Inlet fisherman are projecting to take this number this summer. This includes 1.64 million sockeyes.

Then at the Lower Cook Inlet is the all-salmon forecast calls for a harvest of 3.2 million fish. This is of which 1.8 million are pinks.

25.6 million salmon is expectingng to be hauled by Kodiak fishermen. This includes two million sockeyes and 22.5 million pinks.

A catch of 3.1 million salmon is projecting of mostly pinks at Chignik.

Excellent Haul of Pink Salmon

An “excellent” haul of pink salmon of nearly 13 million that the fishermen at the South Alaska Peninsula could have.

Managers predict below-average fisheries across the board for the Arctic-Yukon Kuskokwim region. This would include a catch of just over half a million chum salmon.

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