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Tourism Efforts Possibly Bolstered by a $5M Grant

You are currently viewing Tourism Efforts Possibly Bolstered by a $5M Grant
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Tourism marketing efforts may be supporting by an upcoming budget of a $5 million grant by Governor Mike Dunleavy in the Northwest corner of North America. It would be amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and funds to prepare state parks for visitors.

Tourism Activity to Resume

Also, he had said there was hope for a return to “robust” tourism activity. This is after a tough two years. Speaking in Anchorage, Alaska, Dunleavy said basically people are “starting to learn to live with Corona Virus, with “an understanding that it is going to go away yet there are ways to protect oneself.”

Passenger figures at the major airport in Anchorage also hotel occupancy levels in some communities. This was seen as promising signs on the tourism front which Dunleavy did cite.

Prior marketing effort with helping to draw tourists to Alaska this year. This is what Dunleavy did credit. It did also include independent travelers. This year, large cruise ships returning after being sidelined. This was amid COVID-19 concerns in the last year.

Alaska Travel Industry Association

The $5 million grant in federal funds for the Alaska Travel Industry Association, Dunleavy’s office has said. Moreover, the money does come from the American Rescue Plan. It was a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill. In March, Congress did pass the bill with no Republican votes. Also, the grant is subject to approval by the Alaska Legislature.

State Parks

There would be $1 million for state parks to ensure facilities that are “clean and accessible” for visitors. Dunleavy has said. Moreover, that funding is going to come from the tax on rental cars, according to Patty Sullivan. She is the spokeswoman for the governor’s office.

Tomorrow, Dunleavy will indicate his plans to release his budget proposal. Then the legislature will convene a new regular session next month.

Federal Tourism Grant

In November the Alaska Tourism Industry Association got a $10.5 million federal grant. Also in January, they got a $5 million grant.

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