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How to Ship a Car from Alaska to the Lower 48

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The last leg of your car's journey will be on one of our carriers!
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At Alaska Auto Transportation, we specialize in helping people move cars to and from Alaska. Many of our clients come from the Lower 48 states (or Hawaii) and are moving to Alaska for a job or schooling. However, some are leaving Alaska to head down to the rest of the country. If this is you, then you don’t want to drive for hours through Canada just to get back into the U.S. while also moving everything else. So let our team ship your car from Alaska to its new home! Here’s how our auto transport team makes it happen:

Step 1: Someone Gets Your Car to an Alaska Port

Shipping a car from Alaska means putting it on, well, a ship. Therefore, the first step of the process is getting your car to a port in shippable condition. Alaska Auto Transportation has contacts at a number of Alaskan ports, so we can ship your car from anywhere in the state! While Anchorage is our most popular launch point, there are many closer to where you may be. And, if you want us to come pick your car up right from your home, our team can make that drive for you, too.

Step 2: We’ll Ship Your Car to Seattle

When our team ships a vehicle from the Last Frontier, we almost always ship it to the Port of Seattle. Why? Because shipping a car over the ocean is expensive and can be inefficient. If you’re heading anywhere other than a west coast city, then we’ll send it to Seattle first. There, we’ll get in touch with one of our car carriers for the last step.

Step 3: Our Transport Team Will Deliver It to Your New Home

The final step of your car’s journey is getting loaded onto an overland carrier and heading to your final destination. We’re not going to make you find your way to some west coast port and drive for hours to get your car. Instead, our excellent car transport team will bring your car to wherever you need it to go. Our goal is to make your experience with our service as easy as possible. By hauling your car for the last leg of its journey, we’ll make it so you can sit back and relax. You’ll know that your car will show up in no time!

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